48th Alc Congressional Black Caucus Nevertheless She Persisted Book Signing

48th ALC Congressional Black Caucus Nevertheless She Persisted Book Signing

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Event Location:
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Place Northwest Booth 643 – Author Pavilion

About The Event:

Join Color of Law Center at the 48th Congressional Black Caucus’s author pavilion on September 13- 15. We will be talking about our new book “Nevertheless, She Persisted: Judicial Abuse Towards Voiceless Americans.” Meet the author on September 13 at 3pm to 6pm, September 14 at 3pm to 6pm and September 15 at 11am to 1pm. Booth 643

“Nevertheless She Persisted” is a groundbreaking exploration of jim crow justice in 2018. How dereliction of duty by federal judges in civil rights complaints destroy the most vulnerable Americans lives. How the United States District Court Judge Richard J. Leon judicial abuse caused the author to develop Agoraphobia.If the police are not going to enforce my rights and Judges are not going to enforce my rights – I am safer at home.” How other Judges in the DC District Court were complicit in Judge Leon abuse. Which inspired “Complicity” and “Hear No Evil See No Evil” which won the Greenwich Cos Cob Visual Art Award and the Color of Law 2018 Art Award.

The book goes into the author’s family history of Jim crow justice from 1932-2018:

  • Grandfather was forced to flee Georgia;

  • Great Uncle while in uniform was attacked and blinded by South Carolina police after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army;

  • Mother was born a slave in the late 1960’s 

The lack of accountability and oversight cause police and judges to believe poor people rights are optional and not inalienable rights. Creating a world where the voiceless have no voice. The book will leave you wondering when Jim Crow Judicial abuse is going to end and Equal Justice Under the Law will mean “EQUAL”

Get your autographed copy Nevertheless, She Persisted. at the author pavilion

“Voice to the Voiceless” Art will be available for purchase. Voice to the Voiceless Art Exhibit puts a human face on the problem of discrimination toward people with disabilities and other minorities in the civil justice system. Our Art tells a story of how judicial malfeasance caused the foreseeable death of Ms. Vedentsova on Feb 9, 2018, and the death of Ms. Twiggs on April 17, 2018.


Help us stop Judicial Abuse by Judges #CourtsMatter

2018-09-13 12:00

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Source: Congressional Black Caucus

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