Congressional Black Caucus Authors Pavilion Writer Meme Kelly Signs Out Of Bounds America, A Book Of Inspirational Essays

Congressional Black Caucus Authors Pavilion Writer Meme Kelly Signs Out Of Bounds America, A Book Of Inspirational Essays

Congressional Black Caucus Authors Pavilion Writer MeMe Kelly Signs Out of Bounds America, a book of inspirational essays

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Event Location:
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon Place Northwest

About The Event:

The Congressional Black Caucus Authors’ Pavillion will feature some of the best and the brightest from the literary community. The author(s) will have the opportunity to meet fans, sign books, present a book reading or participate in a panel within the Pavilion. Playwright, Writer, Essayist and Screenwriter MeMe Kelly is thrilled and honored to participate in this year’s event. She’ll be signing Out of Bounds America, a book of essays, that she begin writing on November 9, 2016 and finished in 2018. 

A Note From MeMe Kelly, Significance of This Book Signing!

I’ll be thrilled to be back in Washington, DC while signing at the Authors Pavilion of the Congressional Black Caucus, an organization, always revered by my family, that leads the way for the development of the black community. My excitement is even greater because it was in the DC area, where my mother, Dr. Georgia Mae Williams, (deceased), who was the first woman and the first African American Director of Military Schools for the Department of Defense, Educational Activity, German and Pacific Regions, spent her final years before joining me in California.  She was an amazing woman, and I eventually became her primary caregiver after she’d thrived with breast cancer for 32 years.  And it is also in the DC area, where my brother, a graduate of West Point, married his wife and then raised their daughter, Sydney, a sophomore at an area university. So my attendance at CBC feels surreal and way over-due.

There were always fun summer and holiday trips to DC with my three sons, who are now successful young adults, to visit their Nanny and my brother, John. And it was my concern for my boys that caused me to wake in the middle of the night to write and to make sense of the political chaos and divisive times in which we now live.  Because I raised them to love America and to know that the color of their skin would never limit them, as my mother had shown us, I feared their reaction to the chaos.  So, in the essays in Out of Bounds America, I let them know where Mommy stands in this peculiar time in history

The end result is the essays in Out of Bounds America, many of which were published on HuffPost. I pray that they inspire hope and faith in the hearts of the reader and that they demonstrate the value of America’s diversity.  I pray that they reinforce that Black Lives Matter because, in a great country like America, ALL lives are precious!  Finally, I pray that readers understand that when they VOTE in Out of Bounds America, they become a referee, deciding what’s right or wrong for America. So VOTE on November 6, 2018!  

In the Authors Pavilion, I’ll also share inspiration with my SHOUT (Shine, Have Hope, Overcome, Use God’s Power & Take Charge), a 3 book series: Wings to Fly, a Novel; SHOUT, Lessons of Hope for Tough Times, an inspirational eBook; and Just Gotta Shout, a spiritual affirmation, soft cover book.  My Bigmama taught me to SHOUT through life, and I’m so grateful for our African American elected officials who SHOUT in Congress and the Senate so that ordinary African Americans, like me, are able to live our best lives!

I hope to meet you at the signing.



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